Business Services
Category Trend Analysis EDI and Sales Management
Publix Portal Sales Trend Analysis
Kroger DemandTec C&S Promotions Portal
1WorldSync POG Analysis
SuperValu Harbor Marketing Analysis
SEG Promotions Portal Marketing Program Assistance 
84*51 Retail Distribution Services
Item Onboarding POG Design
Category Reviews Sales Functions 

Lindsay and Nick Tedesco, Retired Sales Manager of Vigo Importing Co and a wonderful friend.

Retail Services

  • Collection of Competitive Information
  • Retail Pricing
  • Control Store Testing
  • Store Audits
  •   Distribution Checks
  • Display Tracking
 Publix ISE Exchange          Merchandising Management
All Koch & Associates account managers and sales managers employ the most recent software to provide these and everyday services. These marketing tools help us to create a power point presentation on every new item as well as major promotions that are tailored to each customer. Currently, Koch & Associates employees are proficient in using all applications of Microsoft Office.  Our retail people use a cloud based system that is compatiable with all Google products.

Roger Coleman, the Best Set Man in the business, finishing up a set with Post Holdings own Taylor Griffin!
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