Our Philosophies

The staff of Koch & Associates is obsessed with quality.  In fact, anything short of excellence is unacceptable to us.  Our objective is not to merely put items into distribution, but to build brands.  We build them through professional, well researched, and logical sales presentations that appeal to each customer's unique needs. We hold quarterly planning meetings with each principal, and tailor promotional offerings to each account in order to maximize sales.   We execute at retail, merchandise, display, and advertise your brands.  Pure and simple we challenge ourselves to implement programs that sell more groceries. As an example, customers are reviewed each week to insure that all our brands enjoy a competitive advantage with regard to planograms, pricing, display and T.P.R. activity.  This type of micro-management enables us to fix potential problems before a customer knows of their existence.  Our goal is to become broker of the year on every line we represent.  We do not want to be a good broker for your company - we strive to be the best broker you have.


We believe in fixing systems, not handling recurring problems.  For example, we rarely have unauthorized pricing deductions.  We find that most deductions take place when the broker does not insure that communication occurs between the customer and manufacturer.  Unauthorized deductions are a sign of this problem.  "Jacoda" is a Japanese word meaning "Stop, we have a problem in the system!"  Our people use this word when a problem arises in order to halt all further activity until the problem is solved and only then, is production resumed problem free.  Koch & Associates believes in this policy and we live by it.  Fixing small problems quickly allows us to concentrate on the bigger challenge of expanding your total business.  We also share the belief that each individual staff member can positively impact your business. All employees are motivated, enthusiastic, and friendly in accomplishing team goals.  Creativity and flexibility are imperative at Koch & Associates.  We believe every problem can be solved with hard work and persistence.  Our employees find this "results-oriented" managerial style both professionally and personally rewarding.


Koch & Associates is building the most professional sales organization in the Southeast.  Our goal is to earn each and every principal's and customer's respect. We strive to maintain excellent oral and written communication with both our principals and customers.  We adhere to the highest ethical standard, and invest in talented and enthusiastic people.  We work closely with every principal to plan their growth and feverishly follow-up to insure these goals are met.  We continually adapt and change to meet the needs of our customers and principals. Finally, we take a long-term approach to the business where we view our employees, customers, and principals as family.


Koch & Associates is a hard working, honest company that believes in what we do.  Being the best is a very personal task that we take seriously.  It is always in our conscious thoughts about ways to serve our principals and customers better.  We constantly analyze how to grow and improve our systems with every new product line.  Team members readily communicate problems, propose solutions, and develop plans to carry them out.  In short, we involve all employees in proactive ways to grow our mutual business.


Here at Koch & Associates, we have a motto that we live by:




We are looking forward to your amazement.

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