Ina Pemberton

Account Executive Delta Region

Ina began her carrier at age 17 as a cashier at Cracker Box, a convenience store chain.  She married the love of her life, William, in 1982 and graduated from high school in 1985. In 1986 she went to work for Burlington Rug Factory until 1995 when she became a full time mom to raise he kids. In 2003, Ina went back to work at Cracker Box, working her way up to manager where she developed a keen eye for merchandising and sales. In 2005 Ina had taken an additional part time job for Advantage Sales & Marketing where she further honed her merchandising and sales skills as she developed many relationships with retailers in the Mississippi Delta territory. This experience and development led to Ina taking a job with Acosta Sales & Marketing in 2011, where she remained until 2017.  She was recruited by Koch & Associates in early 2017 and she is one of the best hires that this company ever made. 

Ina has wonderful working relationships with stores in her territory, and her demeanor, accuracy, and downright hard work have made her an indispensable member of our team.  Her execution of ad programs, new item distribution and off shelf displays with her retailers is superb. 

Ina is responsible for the SuperValu Indianola territory spanning from the West Louisiana border, into Arkansas, and over into Alabama. She spends many hours on the road, and luckily, William is able to accompany her on most days. 

Ina has painstakingly developed an excellent relationship with her Indianola customers, growing her territory +48% in sales since her date of hire and is averaging 6.2 additional points of new distribution on every call. She had a lot of work to do on the territory when she began and has truly shined in growing this area. Ina is dedicated to working every authorized item on every store call and presenting displays and deals to each of her valued customers. She maintains a wonderful relationship with the SuperValu merchandising team, and her and William are at every set to make distribution gains permanent.  Our items are always well merchandised, presentable and easily shopable in her retailers.

Ina spends a lot of time enjoying her family as she lives next door to her daughter and grandchildren and her son is just a 2 hour drive away.  She also enjoys raising vegetables in her garden.

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