Butch Valdez

Key Account Executive- Publix

A lifelong resident of Florida and a third generation grocery man, Butch  started with “KashnKarry” Supermarkets until the service called.  He served with the Navy and is a Vietnam Veteran.  He returned home to Tampa where he left K&K to join the sales force of the new  brokerage company of Bonacker & Leigh Food Brokers.  During the eight years there, he held all retail positions including Retail Sales Manager for Tampa, Miami and Orlando.  With the endorsement of Publix Supermarkets, Butch left Bonacker & Leigh to be the Regional Manager for Citrus Central, Inc. where he called on Publix Supermarkets and all major chains in the Southeast.   From Citrus Central he joined Comstock/Birdseye.  For 10 years, he was  the Regional Manager for the Southeast U.S. for branded products and Private Label.  He supplied Publix and most of the major accounts in the SE with a variety of private label products, frozen & grocery, along with managing the Comstock/Southern Frozen brands.  As a contributor to Comstock and later to Dean Foods, Butch was instrumental in the development of Hispanic items for the Hispanic trade.  At Dean Foods, he spearheaded the “Gracias” label.  As Regional Manager for Dean Specialty Foods, Butch managed brokers for  9 states and was responsible for all direct Private Label sales in the region from 1999-2003. He has also served as a private consultant for several Hispanic companies.

Butch has developed products and brands for retailers and manufacturers that wanted to enter the Hispanic market in the uniquely different Florida market.  Butch is one of the few bilingual account executives  well versed in the various Hispanic (Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, South and Central Americans) groups in Florida. He is currently calling on all accounts in Florida and South Georgia and has called on all major accounts (Publix, WD, Albertson, AG, K&K) in Florida for over 25 years.

Education; Jefferson High School; Hillsborough J.C.; St. Petersburg College; Cornell University - Food Industry Studies.

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