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Our Mission: To grow our vendors' and customers' business quickly, effectively, and accurately

We are very proud of our accomplishments over the decades we have been in business. Many brokers have come and gone in our market but we remain dedicated to long- term success by giving extra attention to all of our principals and customers.  From our largest account to our smallest, we work with all to increase their sales and market share.

 Our Executives have over 250 years experience combined in the grocery business and they are ready to put this expertise to work for your company. We continue to invest our commissions in experience and expertise by hiring additional qualified employees with the skills and know-how to be the best in the market.

 We at Koch & Associates are very excited about our business and would welcome the opportunity to be part of your future growth. 



Tom & Lindsay Koch: Two generations dedicated to growing your brand.  Our "Old School" style and dedicated retail team ensures that your products will be sold, displayed, rotated, and given care at every call, every time. 
The Fastest Growing Food Brokerage in the South East!

(770) 218-8911
(770) 218-8914
Postal address
505 Freyer Drive N.E.
       Marietta, GA 30060
Electronic mail
Tom Koch, Chairman and CEO: tomkoch@bellsouth.net
Lindsay Koch, President:

Tom & Bill Keeler, of Orchids Paper, celebrating the 2014 Georgia Tech Victory! "A Good, Clean, Old Fashioned Hate!”
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